“We’ll put the twinkle back in your eye with the right hearing device for you” – Dr Stanley Stylis (ENT)

Dr Stylis practice of medicine spanned some 63 years and in 1971 his Duplex Theory of Hearing was published in the JOURNAL of LARYNGOLOGY and OTOLOGY (UK). He challenged the very theories he was studying for his fellowship as to how sound is received by the ear. His theory still stands today.

In 2020 Dr Stylis published a supplement to support his original theory with the added knowledge he acquired throughout his illustrious career and modern scientific schools of thought, such as Quantum Theory.

With a mind capable of analysing such intricate and challenging medical matters, Dr Stylis did not hark to the rhetoric around his theory, but utilised his capabilities in his practice to the benefit of the community around him. Many of his medical techniques have been adopted, claimed and published by others while Dr Stylis persisted in treating the community.

In recent years, Dr Stylis was selected to write the NSW guidelines regarding Industrial Deafness and act as an adjudicator on claims. Dr Stylis participation with medico-legal matters reaches as far back as the 1960’s and Comfort Hearing has had the benefit of participation, insight and established standing in this arena providing services for INDUSRIAL DEAFNESS MANAGEMENT and CLAIMS.

Dr Stylis’ ultimate rank of caring for people above all, coupled with dedication to questioning and refining best practice of the delivery of that care, remains today in the sentiment of Comfort Hearing’s practices.