Comfort Hearing Aids is an Australian-owned family hearing aid business with 30 years’ experience.

The practice was first established by Dr Stanley Stylis over half a century ago as an ear, nose and throat clinic providing Audiology services to the community. Comfort Hearing Aids has since evolved into an independent, thriving hearing management clinic, with a strong reputation for high quality services.

Over the years Comfort Hearing has assisted thousands of patients and families to improve their quality of life with professional advice,  and through the use of hearing aids and listening devices.

Situated in Marrickville, in the hub of multicultural inner-western Sydney, Comfort Hearing have Greek speaking staff who can assist with interpreting during appointments.

Comfort Hearing constantly reviews products in the market and keeps up to date with increasing technological advances.

Different brands of hearing devices excel in different functions suitable for different individuals, making selection of device important. Our highly qualified and experienced Audiologists will assist with the selection of the best device and treatment plan for your needs.

Comfort Hearing is an independent service provider offering personalised and high quality services to our diverse clientele.