Price: $60 per half hour or Free 15 minute Screening if refered by GP.
Hearing is one of the most important senses and helps us keep in touch with our loved ones and the world around us.

Hearing loss is often gradual and the person affected often doesn’t realise they aren’t hearing as well as they used to. Certain sounds may remain loud and easy to hear while speech can become unclear; it can appear that people are mumbling and you have to concentrate harder and watch a speaker’s lips more closely to understand what someone is saying. This is very tiring.

If hearing loss is left untreated it can lead to feelings of isolation, depression and can lead to cognitive decline; research shows that hearing aids can help to reduce loneliness, delay dementia and improve quality of life.

Comfort Hearing provides hearing tests for anyone 18 years of age or older. This includes people eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, pensioners and veterans eligible for the Hearing Services Program, and people who have worked in a noisy environment at any point in their lives.

A hearing test is painless and reasonably simple for the patient to complete. We will discuss your medical and hearing history and then look in your ears to make sure they’re clear of wax; if they’re not we offer micro-suction earwax removal. We will then perform audiometry where we place headphones either over or in your ears and ask you to press a button if you hear a beep; speech testing and tympanometry may also be performed. We will make recommendations to you based upon our results which may include; seeing your GP or an ENT or a Dentist, having custom ear plugs made, or trialling hearing aids or assistive listening devices. If you have private health insurance we can contact your health fund to see if you are eligible for any Health Fund support.