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If you have ever worked in a noisy environment it is possible that you may have noise-related hearing loss.

Comfort Hearing and Dr Stylis have specialised in Industrial Hearing Loss for over 25 years. Dr Stylis was selected to write the NSW guidelines on the matter and act as an adjudicator.

Noise-related hearing loss is a permanent condition that accumulates over time. You may realise that your hearing has been affected while you are still at work or you may have since left the place of employment where you were exposed to loud noise or may have retired; it doesn’t matter if this is the case, you could still have a successful claim or be eligible for further assistance.

If you are assessed as having a hearing loss as a result of your employment then you may be eligible for hearing aids.

Comfort Hearing is registered with Workcover as a specialist for providing hearing services for compensation claims. This includes new and existing claims.

We will discuss your medical, employment and hearing history with you and then look in your ears to make sure they’re clear of wax. We will then perform audiometry and calculate your percentage hearing loss. We can then advise you whether you may be eligible for a claim and if you are then we can refer you to a solicitor who will help you with your claim; we are also happy to liaise with a solicitor of your choice. If the claim is successful, we will conduct a hearing aid trial with you and anything you need will be covered by Workcover.

There is no charge to you for an Industrial Hearing Loss assessment.