TV Listening Devices

With a wireless TV listening device you can hear TV at the right volume and with better clarity, without disturbing others. The devices have a transmitter that needs to be attached to your TV, and a set of headphones. Some devices can work up to 30m away from your TV which means you can hear the TV while you move around the house.


Amplified home phones are available for people with a hearing loss. These phones have an extra loud ringer and voice volume, clear display with big buttons, visual ring indicator, and answering phone for taking messages.


These are designed for heavy sleepers and people with hearing loss. They contain a clock with an extra loud ringer and a bed shaker which is placed under the pillow to wake you up.

Listening Amplifiers

Listening amplifiers help you to hear what people are saying, and can help you to hear speech over background noise. They consist of a device that you usually wear around your neck, and the sound is transmitted into the ear either using earbuds/headphones or wirelessly via your hearing aid.