If you have a permanent hearing loss then you may benefit from hearing aids. We can help you by conducting a hearing test and making recommendations for what hearing aid is best for you. You can be confident in our recommendations as we are completely independent, we are not affiliated with any manufacturer, we can fit any brand of hearing aid available, and our clinicians do not receive any commission or profit share. It is not uncommon for larger providers (and national chains) to have an association or directly owned by a manufacturer or biased and promote particular brands.

We care about your hearing and will make recommendations solely based upon what device is best suited for you.

When choosing the most suitable hearing aid for you, some important criteria to consider are the style of the device, whether you want to be able to adjust it yourself, what types of situations you need to hear in and how well you’ll be able to manage it. There can be some trial and error, so we offer a return period of 30 days on all hearing aids.

A hearing aid can never replace normal hearing but they will help you to hear a lot better. Hearing aid technology has improved rapidly over the past decade and there is a greater ability to adjust them to meet individual needs. Hearing aids can take some getting used to, so it is important that you wear them to let your brain adjust to the sound you’ll be hearing. We will also counsel you in hearing tactics and strategies that will help you hear better so that you can get the most out of your hearing aids.