Tinnitus is a condition where you hear a noise in your ears or head, often a ringing or buzzing sound, when no external sound is present. Most people have experienced tinnitus at some point, and there are many things that can potentially cause it to occur. Sometimes further medical or dental investigation may be needed to rule out if there are any concerning underlying causes to the tinnitus.  If you are able to ignore the tinnitus, then no further management may be necessary. But if you are unable to ignore the tinnitus and you find it bothersome, then there are options that can help you.

Dr Stylis pioneered an approach to Tinnitus, lecturing on the matter to doctors and dentists.

We can help you by performing a hearing test to see if the tinnitus is linked to hearing loss. We may recommend hearing aids or other devices to you, and we can help you manage your tinnitus by providing you with counselling, referrals and general education on tinnitus to empower you to cope better.