If you have a significant hearing loss and hearing aids aren’t providing you with enough benefit, you may be a candidate for a cochlear implant or Bone-Anchored-Hearing Aid (BAHA). Age isn’t a factor in whether you can receive a hearing implant, but you must be medically fit to undergo a general anaesthetic, motivated to put in the effort to adapt, and have realistic expectations of the outcomes.

A cochlear implant referral may be an option for people who have a significant hearing loss, poor aided speech discrimination and a reliance on lip-reading to hear well. A BAHA may be an option for people who have a conductive hearing loss, recurring ear infections that prevent the use of a hearing aid, or if you have single sided deafness.

We can help you with assessing your suitability for an implant and referring you to the appropriate professionals who provide hearing implants. In some cases you may end bi-modally fit, which means you may have a hearing aid in one ear and an implant in the other, and we work to make sure the devices work well together.