TV Adaptors

TV adaptors are designed to transmit sound wirelessly from a TV or other electronic audio device to a hearing aid. TV adaptors allow you to enjoy the TV at the volume you like, while the rest of the family can keep the volume at a level that suits them.

Phone Adaptors

Phone adaptors allow you to stream sound wirelessly from your landline to your hearing aid. During a call your hearing aid acts as a headset and the Connectclip acts as the microphone which picks up your voice. The Connectclip can also connect to a mobile phone that has Bluetooth to work in the same way.


The Connectclip can connect to a mobile phone that has Bluetooth to allow you to hear your mobile phone through your hearing aids. It can also be used as a microphone that you can have someone wear, and their voice will stream into the hearing aids. This will make it easier to hear someone in background noise.

Remote Control

Remote controls allow you to adjust the volume or switch programs on your hearing aids. They are easy to use, small and wireless.


The charger helps you to get away from the trouble of changing batteries again and again for your hearing aids. The chargers can be portable or wired.