We offer a range of custom ear plugs. They are all made to fit your individual ear canal shape to ensure maximum comfort and effectiveness. Custom ear plug options include;

Musician Hearsavers. For musicians and music lovers, these ear plugs protect your ears without distorting the music.
Solid Hearsavers. For people working in construction, heavy equipment operators, metal workers or for those who attend loud concerts, these ear plugs assist in reducing environmental noise and protect your ears.
Water Protectors. For swimmers, surfers or people with a history of ear infections or perforated eardrums, these ear plugs keep the ear dry while you are in the pool, ocean or shower.
Communication Earpieces. For security guards, newsreaders, theatre personnel, motor sports or earbud users. These ear plugs are made to fit earbuds and help to reduce outside noise while providing sound directly to the ear.
Sleep plugs. For anyone who wants a peaceful night’s sleep or if you need some peace and quiet.

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